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faludi + krakauer (final draft)

faludi + krakauer (final draft) - Bryan Mulligan Expository...

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Bryan Mulligan Expository Writing 101: Section JQ Instructor: Nicole Kenley November 12 , 2007 Free Will or Fate? An individual’s identity is what defines and separates them from another individual . An individual’s identity is comprised of two factors , the environment in which they live and the choices that they make in their lives . In the two essays “The Naked Citadel” by Susan Faludi and “Selections from Into the Wild ” by Jon Krakauer each author explores how one’s identity is defined in their lifetime . Faludi’s essay concerns young men at a military institution . She investigates how these young men are turned into soldiers and how their identities are molded both by their personal choices and by the institution over which they have no control . In “Selections from Into the Wild ” Krakauer focuses on how the identity of a young man on a journey through Alaska is shaped . The author shows how Christopher McCandless’s identity is shaped not only by his personal choices but by the Alaskan Wilderness over which he has no control . A person’s identity is defined by the combination of personal choices which they make and the influences of outside factors over which they have no control . While personal choices are important in shaping one’s identity by deciding the environment that the individual will be subject to , ultimately it is the outside factors that have more control over how one’s identity is defined . In the essay “The Naked Citadel” it is the cadets’ personal choice to attend the institution , aware of the fact that his identity will be forever changed , however their environment influences this decision . The Citadel was originally built as an arsenal in response to a slave revolt in 1822 , however following the Civil War , “its new mission was to reinvigorate the masculinity of the
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south” (Faludi 138) . By choosing a school with a strong masculine tradition the cadets are taking steps to have their identities remolded into a strong masculine individual . This is because they are unhappy with their current identities . Faludi describes the freshmen cadets that she encounters as having , “doughy faces and twitching limbs , who gave me [Faludi] the urge to babysit” (Faludi 132) . The environment that they were in prior to arriving at the Citadel was not giving the cadets the identities that they wanted .
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faludi + krakauer (final draft) - Bryan Mulligan Expository...

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