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1 Microbiology (BIOL125) Hybrid Course Orientation I. How is BIOL125 taught as a hybrid course? This course is a microbiology lecture and laboratory course and meets “Science Laboratory” course requirement for the MSJC A.S. diploma. It is a hybrid course in which the lecture component will be delivered online and laboratory component will be delivered in the laboratory. Lecture Component : Students will be accessing the lecture-related material through Blackboard website. Each week new lecture material will be posted as indicated in the course syllabus. In addition, audiovisuals of the recorded lectures prepared by the instructor will be posted on the Blackboard website to facilitate understanding of the lecture material. Students will be learning the lecture material with the help of text book using Power Point presentation as a guide line and going through the audiovisuals prepared and posted by the instructor. At the end of the chapter, students will be required to take an online quiz, which will be counted towards the final grade. Remember that success in the course depends not on superficial browsing of the course material, but rather the understanding the chapter material thoroughly. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE TO KEEP PACE WITH THE TIME LINE POSTED FOR EACH CHAPTER ON THE COURSE SYLLABUS Laboratory component: The lab component of the course meets twice a week, face-to-face, on Tuesday and Thursday for three hours. Laboratory experiments are designed to provide with a thorough understanding of the lecture material. Lab period can also be used for interaction regarding any lecture material.
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hybridstudentorientation - Microbiology(BIOL125 Hybrid...

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