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Division of Biology Teaching Evaluation—Lecture Courses—for faculty evaluation General instructions: Write your section number on the scantron card in the last five digits of the space labeled “student ID number.” Write the name of your instructor in the space labeled “name, course, date.” Write individual comments (if desired) on a separate sheet of paper and turn that in with your scantron card. Please give honest and thoughtful answers to the following questions. Your individual responses will be anonymous; a summary of responses from the class will be provided to the instructor and to the Division Director. Responsible student ratings can help instructors improve their teaching effectiveness for the benefit of all students. Use the code shown to the right to respond to items 1-17. A = Very Low B = Low C = Medium D = High E = Very High Rate the instructor on: 1. Overall effectiveness as a teacher. 2. Making clear the goals and objectives of this course. 3. Being well prepared for class.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Explaining the subject matter so that you understand. 5. Communicating interest in helping students learn. 6. Stimulating you to think more deeply about the course material. 7. Commenting on your work (tests/assignments) in ways that helped you learn. 8. Using grading procedures that were fair and equitable. 9. Realizing when students did not understand. 10. Being willing to help students outside of class. 11. Increasing your desire to learn about this subject. Rate yourself on: 12. Your interest in taking this course before you enrolled. 13. Your effort to learn in this course (doing reading assignments ahead of class, studying, etc.) 14. The amount you have learned in this course. Answer the following additional questions: 15. What grade do you expect in this course? [A = A; B = B; C = C; D = D; E = F] 16. Why did you take this course? [A = required for major; B = as an elective within my major; C= general education requirement; D= free elective; E= other]...
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