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Principles of Biology I BIO 103 Syllabus Fall 2009 Instructor: Daron Goodloe Office: Muscle Shoals Campus, Bevill Center Building 123, Room 111 Phone: 331-5372 Email: [email protected] Course: Biology 103, Principles of Biology Credit: 4 semester hours Prerequisite: none Textbook: Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life, twelfth edition, by Starr and Taggart It is recommended that you purchase the lecture notes from the on- campus bookstore . Course Objectives 1. Acquaint all students with a general overview of basic biological principles. 2. Differentiate between basic organic molecules 3. Show the impact of biology on human thought and behavior 4. Provide laboratory experiences that will illustrate the above-mentioned principles. Instruction Class will be conducted using PowerPoint presentations, chalkboard notes, digital videos, and other computer generated information. The assigned text chapters should be used to supplement lecture notes and provide additional resource material. There will be 7 unit tests given during the course of the semester. Make-up exams will not be given. You may take a test earlier than scheduled, but not after the scheduled exam time. A comprehensive exam will be given at finals which will count as an additional test. If a test is missed, the comprehensive exam may be counted twice to make up for the missed exam. NO MORE THAN ONE EXAM MAY BE MISSED! You will have one week to take each test after the material is covered in class.
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Testing Paper-pencil tests will be taken in the classroom on dates specified by the instructor. An online quiz is required for all students who make less than 70% on any given exam. If the quiz is completed with at least 70% success, three bonus points will be awarded. If a person
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bio103syllabus - Principles of Biology I BIO 103 Syllabus...

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