Bio131topics - Biology 131-General Biology Description of...

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Biology 131-General Biology Description of Course Topics - Course Introduction, Characteristics of Life Characteristics of life, viruses as “gray” area, levels of biological organization - Chemistry of Life Chemical composition of living things, atomic structure, types of chemical bonding, the properties of water as they are crucial to life, acids and bases, pH - Organic Compounds Categories and functions of organic macromolecules, chemical subunits, and biologically important examples of each category, dehydration and hydrolysis reactions, levels of protein structure - Cell Types and Plasma Membranes Cell theory vs. spontaneous generation, five kingdom characteristics, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, structure and function of phospholipids, carbohydrates and proteins in plasma membranes - Eucaryote Organelles Structure and function of eucaryote organelles in animal and plant cells - Cell Structure and Function Cell size as limited by surface to volume ratio, complementarity of cell structure and function, endosymbiotic theory for the origin of eucaryotic cells - Movement of Materials In and Out of Cells Mechanisms of diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion, dialysis, active transport, endocytosis and exocytosis, and the factors affecting molecular transport -E n z y m e s a n d A T P
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Bio131topics - Biology 131-General Biology Description of...

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