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Biology 131- General Biology L. Thurlow Summer, 2009 Course Description: This course covers the chemical basis of life, cell structure and function, photosynthesis and cellular respiration, molecular and Mendelian genetics, environmental and evolutionary influences on organisms. It is intended primarily for science and preprofessional science majors, providing the foundation for upper level biology courses. Bio 131 includes a laboratory component. The Board of Trustees has determined that all JCC graduates should develop or enhance certain essential skills while enrolled in the college. The course addresses the following JCC Associate Degree Outcomes: ADO4 - scientific reasoning and ADO7 - critical thinking. Texts: Biology , Raven, Johnson, Losos, Mason and Singer, 8 th edition ISBN 978-0-07-296581-0 Lab Manual departmental, available at bookstore Course Pack - available at bookstore Instructor : Prof. Laura Thurlow Office : 136C McDivitt Phone : 796-8508 e-mail : FAX : (517) 796-8637 Bldg. Secretary : 787-0800, Ext. 8152 Office Hours Mon-Thurs. 8:15-9:00, 12:30-1:30 Fri. by appointment Exams and Grading: There will be seven exams given in lecture, each worth approx. 100 points. The lecture portion of the course accounts for 75% of the final grade, while the lab portion makes up the remaining 25%. In computing the final lecture grade, points will be totaled from the following, for a total of approximately 600-650 points. 1. the final exam score this exam cannot be dropped 2. the five highest of the first six exam scores (approx. 500 points) 3. homework and in-class assignments - approx. 50 points Exam Format is similar for all exams, though the last exam may include cumulative questions, and therefore cannot be dropped . Exams are a mixture of fill in, short answer, multiple choice, problem solving and short essay. Exams are designed to take one hour students arriving late will NOT be given extra time. If you anticipate taking more than an hour, please see me ahead of time about starting exams early if possible. Make-Up Exams: NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN . An exam (other than the final exam) missed due to illness or emergency will be treated as the dropped score. Any subsequent missed exams will count as zero.
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BIO_131_ThurlowL_09SP - Biology 131- General Biology...

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