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70 The biology major provides opportunities for building the foundation of a career in one of the many specialties in private industry and in federal and state agencies which employ biologists. Students planning to enter graduate school should, in consultation with their advisor, strongly consider electing a foreign language, analytic geometry, and calculus. For those students interested in pursuing such broad fields of study as ecology, courses which stress computer literacy and database management are good founda- tion courses. Students looking toward such disciplines as cell and/or molecular biology and developmental biology should take genetics, molecular and cell biology, and biochemistry. The existing curriculum for biology majors satisfies almost all of the admissions requirements for medical, dental, veteri- nary, and other graduate health profes- sional programs. Physics laboratories should be added and in many cases calculus is expected. Premedical students should complete their 300-400 level biology electives with courses such as Embryology, General Microbiology, General Genetics, Animal Physiology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Developmental Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Virology, and Biochem- istry. Anatomy and Physiology is very helpful when preparing for the MCAT exam. Ethics for Health Care Professionals serves as an excellent humanities elective. Check with the individual medical school for additional requirements such as psychology and statistics. For more details, seek the advice of the faculty premedical advisory committee members, especially those in the Biology Department. Modern biology requires a wide range of supporting courses in such other fields of study as statistics, computers, physics, chemistry, electronics, meteorology, and geology. Student biology majors should consult with their advisors early in their program of study as to possible career choices and plan to take appropriate elective supporting courses for their selected field of study. Biology Students may prepare for admission to medical, dental, and veterinary colleges and for admission to graduate work in the life sciences. Increasing numbers of students elect to major in biology as a means of providing themselves with a general framework of ideas concerning the interactions of living things. A substantial number of these students proceed toward vocational objectives that do not require a specialist’s knowledge of biology. Biology Major Marine Biology Option The marine biology option is designed to meet the needs of students who aspire to careers in ecology, marine biology, fisheries biology, and biological oceanography. Students who elect the Marine Biology Option are urged to plan their program in close cooperation with their advisors. Biology majors who choose the marine
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biology6346 - Biology Faculty and Fields of Interest...

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