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Bio 251 - Microbiology Course Policies and Information Instructor: Dr. Charles W. Jacobs Lecture: M 9:10-11 a.m. Office: S-104D Laboratory: W, F 9:10-12:00 e-mail: Phone: 845-9734 (24-hour voice mail) Office Hours *: Monday 11-12, 1-3; Tuesday 10-12-1-2; Thursday 10-12, 1-2 and by appointment *I may change these office hours to make them more convenient for the students. Any changes will be posted on the website Online information for this course is available at : >Dr. Charles Jacobs > Biology 251 Login ID: student password: bio251 Texts: Perry and Staley: Microbiology: Dynamics and Diversity Pierce and Leboffe: Exercises for the Microbiology Laboratory A Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory Dixon: Power Unseen: How Microbes Rule the World Prerequisites: Bio 131 with a grade of C or better, AND Chem 131 or 141 with a grade of C or better. These are the minimum prerequisites. Additional biology and chemistry courses will be helpful. The Course: The purpose of this course is to give you a basic understanding and working knowledge of microbiology, as measured by your ability to use and explain microbiological concepts and perform standard microbiological techniques. We will emphasize not only the theoretical knowledge of the field, but also its practical applications. It is important for you to attend lecture, and to study the material as presented both in the lecture and in the text. The course consists of two lecture periods and two laboratory sessions each week.
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syllabus25101 - Bio 251 - Microbiology Course Policies and...

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