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PisaTower - The Leaning Pisa Tower There are many facts and...

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The Leaning Pisa Tower There are many facts and characteristics which I like about the Leaning Pisa Tower. First of all, it is the most recognized leaning tower in the world, leaning 4.5 meters from the perpendicular by the late 20th century. It is mainly a bell tower, which begun in 1173 as the third and final structure of the city’s cathedral complex. Main facts: Years Built: 1173-1350 Latitude: 43.7167 (43° 43' 0" N) Longitude: 10.3833 (10° 22' 60" E) Elevation : 117 feet Material and color: The material used in building the Pisa tower is white marble. Design: I like the fact that the Pisa tower of Romanesque style, and as already stated dates back to the year 1174. It also constructed cylindrical in shape and supplied whit six open galleries. A cornice separates these galleries one from the other and each presents a series of small arches fitted on the capitals of the slender columns. In the base there is a series of big blind arcades with beautiful geometrical decorations. The inner design of the leaning tower includes 294 steps
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