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Chapter 10 - Small Business Promotion: Capturing the Eyes of Your Market CHAPTER 10: SMALL BUSINESS PROMOTION: CAPTURING THE EYES OF YOUR MARKET Chapter Summary This chapter further discusses what it is that makes you different than your competition and introduces the concept of segmenting and targeting a customer. Promotional methods are discussed with an emphasis on public relations and sales. Learning Objectives After studying this chapter, the student should be able to: 1 Understand how to assess your value proposition. 2 Segment and further define your target audience. 3 Recognize the different approaches and methods to craft and to convey your promotional message. 4 Learn the key skills involved in personal selling, especially closing the sale. 5 Recognize the major approaches to customer relationship management. 6 Learn how to develop a press relations program. 7 Learn how to develop a public relations program. Focus on Small Business: Addie Swartz and Accessories for Girls Who Are “Between Toys and Boys” Addie Swartz invented Beacon Street Girls as an age-appropriate toy for the 9 – 13 year old range. She successfully segmented the market and designed promotional tools to reach her two segments. Discussion Questions 1. What are some ways that Beacon Street Girls can promote their brand in order to meet their goals? Branding is the internal, strategic process of establishing exactly what a brand is and what it stands for; it is crystallizing the mission, message and markets, and is the first and most critical step to promoting it. Swartz identified the Beacon Street Girls as a “lifestyle brand” for girls ages 9-13, which is intended to bridge the gap between Barbie and Britney. Promotion of the brand must therefore provide a clear, decisive picture of what this concept looks like, and is especially crucial when establishing a new brand. 10-1
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Chapter 10 - Small Business Promotion: Capturing the Eyes of Your Market a. Once an understanding of the brand has been established, promoting it entails devising a strategy to convey the message of the brand. b. This can then be implemented through an image and messaging campaign that incorporates all elements important to the brand. Subsequently, all products, marketing and messaging for the brand must adhere to the guidelines developed by the branding process. Colors, typefaces, and imagery must all be used consistently across the entire product line of the brand to provide a defined, unwavering image. An effective branding campaign will create a well-recognized product that can be easily distinguished in a competitive marketplace. c. The Beacon Street Girls can achieve this through i. Carefully crafted and consistent messaging; ii. Continuity in design; iii. Clearly targeted and appealing storylines that carry through books, dolls, websites and all products within the brand 2. What ways can Beacon Street Girls market to the tween girls?
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Chap010 - Chapter 10 - Small Business Promotion: Capturing...

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