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Problem Set 4 - Nicholas Huynh Anthropology 005...

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Nicholas Huynh Anthropology 005 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 4: Speciation, classification and the comparative method 1 . There are millions of reproductively isolated species now in existence yet we believe all organisms are related. A. What does it mean to say that all organisms are related? Descent with modification explains the hierarchical structure of the living world. Because new species always evolve from existing species and species are reproductively isolated, all species, and hence, organisms, are related and can be arranged on a single phylogenetic (family) tree. B. What is the best evidence that they are related? Dugongs, bats, and moles have the same kind and number of bones in their forelimbs, although the shapes of the bones are quite different in each. The forelimb of the bat is adapted to flying, and the forelimb of the dugong is adapted for paddling. However, the fundamental structure of the bat’s forelimb is homologous to that of the dugong’s forelimb, which suggests both species are related. C. The allopatric model suggests how new species might evolve. In general, what two circumstances are thought to be essential to the division of one interbreeding population into two reproductively isolated ones? If geographic or environmental barriers, like mountains or oceans, isolate part of a population, interrupts gene flow, and allows the isolated subpopulation to diverge from the original population under the influence of natural selection, then new species may form. 2.
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Problem Set 4 - Nicholas Huynh Anthropology 005...

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