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Guide For Schneider[1]

Guide For Schneider[1] - contribute to interpretation of...

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The Neurobiology of Mind Guide for the study of the paper by G. Schneider: Two Visual Systems 1. What is the fundamental question addressed by Schneider? 2. How are conditions of “partial blindness”, “anopia”, and “amblyopia” related to this question? 3. What was Schneider’s critical observation? 4. What was his initial interpretation of his observation? 5. What additional observations forced him to modify his interpretation? 6. What is the method used by Schneider to study brain function? 7. What did the differences in symptoms following damage to different brain areas
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Unformatted text preview: contribute to interpretation of the results? 8. What is the nature of the loss suffered following ablation of the superior colliculus? Which observations by Schneider support your view? 9. What role does retrograde degeneration in the dorsal thalamus play in his application of this method? 10. What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of Schneider’s method? 11. Why might the results obtained with this method vary among species?...
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