14. October 17 - The Thirty Years War

14. October 17 - The Thirty Years War - T HE T H IR TY...

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Unformatted text preview: T HE T H IR TY YEARS WAR, 1618-1648 I. The Bohemian Phase, 1618-1625 I I. The Danish Phase, 1626-1629 I I I. The Swedish Phase, 1630-1635 IV. The Swedish-French Phase, 1635-1648- Considered to be the last great religious war in Europe.- Considered by others to be the worlds first great world war.- Keep in mind the provisions of the Peace of Augsburg: The religion of the king is the religion of the land. o Obvious problems: Makes it possible for religions to change several times within a century. o Calvinism is not recognized in the Peace of Augsburg. Calvinism is extremely popular in Europe. o Anabaptists, also a growing religious group, is not addressed in the Peace of Augsburg. I. The Bohemian Phase , 1618-1625 Frederick I I I, Elector of the Palatine (reign: 1559-1576) o When he comes into power, he upholds a loose translation of the Peace of Augsburg in Palatine. o Frederick I I I was a Calvinist. And declared the official religion of Palatine as Calvinism. o Lutherans and Catholics were asked either to adopt Calvinism or leave Palatine. o Europeans become anxious about the spreading of Calvinism, and its effect on the religious tensions in wake of the Peace of Augsburg. Anabaptists Ferdinand I I, King of Bohemia , 1617-1618. o Strong Catholic. Beliefs: Believes that it is his mission to uphold and strengthen Catholicism into other parts of Europe. o He gives the citizens of Bohemia a choice to adopt Catholicism or leave Bohemia. o Because nobles had enjoyed a religiously tolerant Bohemia, are against Ferdinand I I. Defenestration of Prague o Two Catholic ministers were thrown out of window in the kings court because nobles were not happy about the Kings efforts to return Bohemia to Catholicism.- Unhappy about the situation, the Bohemian nobles and peoples oust Ferdinand I I from the Bohemian throne....
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14. October 17 - The Thirty Years War - T HE T H IR TY...

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