12. October 10 - Calvinism and the French Wars of Religion

12. October 10 - Calvinism and the French Wars of Religion...

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CALVINISM and the FRENCH WARS of RELIGION I. John Calvin and Religious Politics in Geneva II. The Radical Reformation III. The French Wars of Religion I. John Calvin and Religious Politics in Geneva - Calvinism becomes the most popular and powerful religious denomination, more so than Lutheranism. - Calvinism is not limited to a specific area, it is found throughout Western Europe. John Calvin o As opposed to Henry VIII, Calvin starts with his faith, and tries to think of a political structure that could revolve around that faith. o Background : Frenchman. Comes from a family of merchants and lawyers who placed value on education. Studies law at the University of Paris (at the wish of his father). Studies humanist literature and theology, his true love, after the death of his father. (Emphasis on Greek and Hebrew literature.) Nicholas Cop o Friend of Calvin’s in University. o Writes a convocation address, heavy with Protestant themes and ideas. o The address inspires fellow students to pull a prank on… King Francis I of France o Students break into the King’s bedroom, and post Protestant propaganda on his walls. o An angry Francis I demands Cop and his buddies to be punished, which forced them to flee. The Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536) o Written by Calvin. The book sets out very precise ideas. o Beliefs: Man is inherently simple/sinful, and life is inherently unpleasant. As humans, we must accept that we are suffering, simple people who have been saved by God based on the Predestination and the Elect . Predestination and the Elect : God decided at the beginning of time whether you were saved or damned. Nothing on earth really matters towards your salvation. Of course, a chosen person on earth would be striving to be a good Christian. Portrays God as almighty and all powerful. Believers must accept and believe in God’s plan for the future, and for your future. - So then, what does a Calvinist do on a daily b asis? Look for signs in your daily life to show that you are one of those people that God has chosen. Geneva o City that had branched off from the mainstream religions, esp. Catholic Church. o Inspired by Calvin’s writings, the city invites Calvin to hold public office in the city. o
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12. October 10 - Calvinism and the French Wars of Religion...

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