7. September 24 - Discovery, Invasion, and Encounter

7. September 24 - Discovery, Invasion, and Encounter -...

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DISCOVERY, INVASION, ENCOUNTER I. Discovery? Columbus and the Early Arrivals II. Invasion? Cortes and Pizarro I. Discovery? Columbus and the Early Arrivals Hernando Colon (1488-1539) and Bartolome de Las Casas (1474-1566) o Much of what we know about Columbus comes from these people (Colon: his first son and Las Casas: a monk) o Colon’s motivation to write about his father is to glorify his lineage. o Las Casas knows little about navigation, and sees Columbus as a scientific genius and prophet. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Domenico Columbus and Susan Fontanarossa o Father: Woolweaver. o Childhood obsession with sailing, navigation, and ships. Spent much of his free time at the docks. Conversos o Recent Jewish Converts to Christianity. Speculation only, no exact proof if this was the case for the Columbuses. **1476, Columbus leaves without his father’s permission to be a sailor in Portugal.** - Here h e learns m a ny languag es and sets the foundation for his social m obility. Felipa Moniz o Columbus’ wife. Father is a VIP in Portuges e social n etwork. o Marriage is clearly for the connection to the Portuges e bureaucracy a nd their access to s ailing. Antilia Paolo d el Pozzo Toscan elli o Italian, he ad of the Medici b ank. o Toscanelli, who sh ares the views of Columbus (primarily the notion that the e arth is 1/3 s m aller than a ny other previous scientific family). o The Medici’s fund m a ny of e arly projects. o But they do not fund his voyag e to America. King Joao II of Portugal o After first rejection by the Medici, Columbus atte m pts to g et funding from the Portuges e King. He g ets rejected. Franciscans o After Portuges e rejection, Columbus m akes friends with Franciscans at the docks. The Franciscans were popular in the Castilian Court (Isab ella’s court). They serve as middle m for Columbus’ access to Ferdinand and Isabella. **Fed up with Columbus, Ferdinand a nd Isabella s end him off to America, thinking he was going to but at least he would stop p est ering the court** **1492, Columbus sends off to find a p ass ag e to Asia, instead h e finds the Americas.** Luis d e Santag en el o Columbus’ first letters are written to this m a n.
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o Knowing that people will want a record of his discovery, he begins writing letters that ha   positive spin on the discovery of Americas. (The discovery of America might otherwise b   considered a disaster since it is NOT Asia [waste of time and money]). o
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7. September 24 - Discovery, Invasion, and Encounter -...

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