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5. Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man (Sept 17th)

5. Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man (Sept 17th) -...

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Leonardo da Vinci – Renaissance Man I. The Renaissance Man II. Leonardo da Vinci’s Early Life III. Leondardo, Painter and His Problems with Patrons IV. Leonardo, Scientist V. Leonardo’s Final Years VI. Did Women Have a Renaissance? THE RENAISSANCE MAN Conduct Books o Similar to modern day “self-help” books. o Covered all sorts of topics from sex, to families, to virtues. Baldassare Castiglione, The Courtier (1528) o One of the more well-known conduct books of the time. o Writes upon Virtu Virtu o What is it: Leading a moral, upright, honest life. o Did not necessarily contain religious themes, but dealt in everyday situations such as keeping morals and virtues in the business world, in the house and family, etc. o Gave all people of all backgrounds a goal to aspire to. “Universal Man” (polymath) o These virtues and models gave birth to the Universal Man. o A man of the world, who was knowledgeable and had many experiences. o Polymath: A man of multiple skills and multiple talents. Sprezzatura o Meaning: Making hard things look easy and effortless. o This is the real goal of the Renaissance man or woman. o To lead an honest, virtuous life, be successful, and do it all without ever breaking a sweat. Doing it all with ease. o Successful life with grace, ease, and effortlessness. So this is the setting that LDV is coming into. LEONARDO DA VINCI’S EARLY LIFE Leonardo Da Vinci: 1452-1519 o Illegitimate Son o Grew in the town of Vinci o LDV’s father wanted to get him involved in something he would excel at, one of his early talents was painting, so his father looks for places where he can apprentice. Andrea del Verrocchio: 1435-1488 o LDV became Verrocchio’s apprentice. o Other artists who were apprentices under Verrocchio
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Botticelli: Birth of Venus Perugino - Leonardo’s e arly chores are mixing paints, with som e experience, he is allowed to paint s m portions of a work. -
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5. Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man (Sept 17th) -...

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