2. August 29th - Turning Points in the 15th Century

2. August 29th - Turning Points in the 15th Century - TURN...

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Unformatted text preview: TURN ING POINTS OF T HE 15 T H CENTURY I. Medici Rule begins in Florence in 1434 I I. Lorenzo Valla announces the Donation of Constantine is a forgery, 1440 I I I. Gutenberg uses movable type printing, 1450 IV. End of Hundred Years War, 1453 V. Fall of Constantinople, 1453 “Dr. Harkness believes Modern Era begins in 1450s, because a group of certain events. Other historians will dispute this turning point.” ***Common Exam Question: What were the t riggers of the development of the Modern Era from the Medieval Era*** 1. MED IC I RULE BEGI NS I N FLORENCE I N 1434- Cosimo de Medici o Most wealthy man in a wealthy city: Florence- 1434: Medici comes to power in Florence- *When this merchant banker comes to power, politics is NEVER the same*- **Cosimo Medici demonstrates that you don’t have to be a noble, clergyman, etc. to hold political power.***- Medici has no land, no fighting experience. Bu the does have a lot of cash. Medici could at one point FUND ENTIRE wars for nobles.- SIGNORIA = rulers of Florentine public o Group of 6. They controlled wars, treaties, business, etc. o 1434, Cosimo Medici gains access to Signoria o Cosimo de Medici is quiet, but extremely effective and powerful until suddenly Medici family starts running everything.- Lorenzo the Magnificient o Grandson of Cosimo o De facto ruler of Florence- Machiavelli’s “The Prince” o Uses Medici family as an example for others to follow- Platonic Academy of Florence o Medici helped fund many projects of the Renaissance- Marsilio Ficino o Florence becomes the center of the Renaissance SIGNIFICANCE: Cosimo Medici was proof that a nobody could become a powerful...
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2. August 29th - Turning Points in the 15th Century - TURN...

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