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Feb 7 - Theories of Public Policy Spring 2008

Problem identification activity publicizing societal

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Unformatted text preview: ment action Mass media Interest groups Citizen initiatives Public Opinion 17 17 Participants 2. Agenda Setting Activity Deciding what issues will be decided Deciding what problems will be addressed by Deciding government government Mass media Elites Parties Candidates for elective office 18 18 Participants 3. Policy Formulation Activity Developing policy proposals to resolve issues and Developing and ameliorate problems ameliorate White House staff Congressional committees Interest groups Think tanks 19 19 Participants 4. Policy Legitimation Activity Selecting a proposal Developing political support for it Enacting it into law Deciding on its constitutionality President Congress Courts 20 20 Participants 5. Policy Implementation Activity Organizing departments and agencies Providing payments or services Levying taxes President and White House staff Executive departments and agencies Participants 21 21 6. Policy Evaluation Activity Reporting outputs of government programs Evaluating impacts of policies on target and nontarget Evaluating groups groups Proposing changes and reforms Proposing changes reforms Executive departments and agencies Congressional oversight committees Mass media Think tanks 22 22 Participants Babcock Place How do you get everyone in on the action and still How get some action? Each stakeholder group needs to consider the following questions and be prepared to share your answers with the class: share From my group’s perspective, what problems exist that From need to be addressed? need What particular stake do I and my constituents (the people What my group employs/represents or to whom we owe duties) have in this topic—that is, which of our interests could be affected? affected? What do we want and what is the best way to get it? What 23 23 Stakeholders 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Residents of Babcock Place Private Sector (Dairy Queen/Supermarket) Traffic Safety Commission Traffic Engineer City Council Council Staff Church Neighborhood Association 24 24...
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