Acc310_HW_2 - BE42 BriskyCorporation IncomeStatement

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BE 4-2 Brisky Corporation Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2010 Revenue: Net Sales 2400000 Interest  31000 Total Revenue 2431000 Expenses: Cost of Goods Sold 1450000 Administrative 212000 Selling 280000 Interest 45000 Income Tax 133200 Total Expenses 2120200 Net Income $310,800  (243100-(1450000-280000-212000-45000))*.3= 133200 Income tax Earnings per Share= Net Income/Outstanding Shares 310800/70000= $4.44  BE 4-3 Brisky Corporation Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31,2010 Net Sales $2,400,000  Cost of Goods Sold 1,450,000 Gross Profit 950,000 Administrative Expense $212,000  Selling Expenses 280,000 492,000 Income From Operations 458,000 Other Revenues Interest Revenue 31,000 Other Expenses Interest Expense 45,000 14,000 Income Before Income Tax 444,000 Income Tax Expense 133,200 Net Income $310,800  Earnings Per Share $4.44 
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BE 4-5 Stacy Corporation Partial Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31,2010 $6,300,000  Income Tax 1,890,000 Income Before Extraordinary Item
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Acc310_HW_2 - BE42 BriskyCorporation IncomeStatement

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