Preface - Preface This book began life as a set of...

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Preface This book began life as a set of handwritten notes, distributed to students in my one-semester graduate course on probability theory, a course that had humble aims: to help the students understand results such as the strong law of large numbers, the central limit theorem, conditioning, and some martingale theory. Along the way they could expect to learn a little measure theory and maybe even a smattering of functional analysis, but not as much as they would learn from a course on Measure Theory or Functional Analysis. In recent years the audience has consisted mainly of graduate students in statistics and economics, most of whom have not studied measure theory. Most of them have no intention of studying measure theory systematically, or of becoming professional probabilists, but they do want to learn some rigorous probability theory—in one semester. Faced with the reality of an audience that might have neither the time nor the inclination to devote itself completely to my favorite subject, I sought to compress the essentials into a course as self-contained as I could make it. I tried to pack into the first few weeks of the semester a crash course in measure theory, with supplementary exercises and a whirlwind exposition (Appendix A) for the enthusiasts. I tried to eliminate duplication of mathematical effort if it served no useful role. After many years of chopping and compressing, the material that I most wanted to cover all fitted into a one semester course, divided into 25 lectures each lasting from 60 to 75 minutes. My handwritten notes filled fewer than a hundred pages. I had every intention of making my little stack of notes into a little book. But
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This note was uploaded on 11/21/2009 for the course STAT 330 taught by Professor Davidpollard during the Spring '09 term at Yale.

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Preface - Preface This book began life as a set of...

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