syllaubus - Course Syllabus CPSC 478b/578b Computer...

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Unformatted text preview: Course Syllabus CPSC 478b/578b Computer Graphics Spring 2005 Table of contents: Coordinates Personnel Online services Lectures Textbooks Additional readings Course prerequisites Course requirements Grading policies Coordinates Time: MW 11:30-12:45 PM Location: BCT C031 Personnel Instructor Prof. Holly Rushmeier AK Watson, Room 514 rushmeier at cs dot yale dot edu 203-432-4091 Office hours: following class or by appointment Teaching assistants Jianye Lu AK Watson, 4th Floor Graphics Lab jianye dot lu at yale dot edu Office hours: March 30(Wed)6:30-9:00pm; April 1(Fri)2:00-5:00pm; in the zoo Online services Staff email address: TBA Homepage: All class handouts, project assignments, reading lists, and lecture notes will be available at this URL. Student email list: For items of urgent and universal importance, such as clarifications to the project assignments or bugfixes related to the support package, your instructors will use email to contact you. Please be sure you are registered for the course on classes. Lectures There will be twenty four lectures. I will place my lecture notes online, linked off of the class schedule, as soon as possible after each lecture....
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syllaubus - Course Syllabus CPSC 478b/578b Computer...

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