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10-pipeline - NOTES Rendering Pipeline and Clipping Lecture...

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1 Rendering Rendering Pipeline Pipeline and and Clipping Clipping Lecture 10 CPSC 478b/578b Spring 2005 NOTES Assignment # 2 due Feb. 28 11:59pm will discuss today Quiz # 1 Feb. 23, 2005 Problems/short answer Covers material up to the end of lecture Feb. 14, 2005 Feb. 14, 2005 Allowed 8.5x11 page of notes Will not ask for OpenGL code NOTES 9 Reading for this week: Text - Chapter 5 “Transformation Matrices” Text – Chapter 6 “Viewing” Text - Chapter 11 “A Full Graphics Pipeline” Today 9 Examples of transformations 9 Assignment # 2 discussion 9 The pipeline Change of Orthonormal Basis 9 Given: coordinate frames xyz and uvn point p = (p x , p y , p z ) 9 Find: p = (p u , p v , p n ) p x y z v u x y v u n p x y u v Change of Orthonormal Basis What's M -1 , the inverse? u x = x . u = u . x = x u p u p v p n = p x p y p z x u y u z u x v y v z v x n y n z n = M p x p y p z M -1 = M T p u p v p n = p x p y p z u x v x n x u y v y n y u z v z n z
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2 Example on Black Board Normals (5.2.2 in text) Consider a plane: [a b c d] [px py pz 1] T = 0 [a b c] = normal to plane [a b c d] [?] [pu pv pw 1] T =0 [a b c d][?] M [px py pz 1]T = 0 In new coordinates: [au bu cu du] = [a b c d]M -1 Or [au bu cu du]T = (M -1 ) T [a b c d] T Assignment #2 9 Illumination and Ray Tracing 9 Part 1 – command line program to produce an image of a lit sphere 9 Part 2 – modify a code for ray tracing 9 Due Feb. 28 Interactive Rendering 9 Many applications – e.g. games, 3D modeling packages, architectural walkthroughs, etc. – use rendering of 3D polygons with direct illumination How do we render interactively?
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