17--Curves - Reading for this week and next Curves Today...

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1 Curves Lecture 17 CPSC 578/478 Spring 2005 Today Course Calendar Assignment #3 Description Assignment #4 Description Defining curves: -- used in animation -- building block for surfaces Reading for this week and next: Text, Chapter 13 Supplement with http://graphics.idav.ucdavis.edu/graphics/CAGDNotes/homepage.html And http://www.siggraph.org/education/materials/ HyperGraph/modeling/splines/splines0.htm Class Calendar: April 4: assignment # 3 due April 6: assignment #4 topic/teams due April 11: assignment #4 short proposal due April 13: Quiz #2 April 18: assignment #4 long proposal due April 20: assignment #4 5 min oral proposal/preliminary results May 10: assignment #4 code, executable report due Assignment 3 Modeling with simple primitives and a hierarchy of transformations. See handout from last time (also online) Due Mon. April 4 11:59 pm http://www.cs.brown.edu/exploratories/freeSoftware/repository/ edu/brown/cs/exploratories/applets/transformPropagation/ transform_propagation_java_browser.html Assignment 4 A self-defined project that investigates one of the areas of computer graphics in more depth. Work in groups of 2 or 3 people, if possible. Turn in source code and executable, as well as a report on the project.
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2 Topic possibilities: Radiosity solver Monte Carlo Path Renderer Image-based rendering Walkthrough complex building Polyhedral mesh editor supporting boolean operations Progressive mesh system Tensor product spline surface editor Subdivision surface editor Procedural modeling system based on fractals or other functions Simulate natural phenomena (model a tree, blowing drifting snow…) Keyframe animation system Particle system animation Look through issures of ACM TOG ( http://www.acm.org/tog ) to get ideas, particularly July/August issues 1. Goal What are we going to do? 2. Previous Work
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17--Curves - Reading for this week and next Curves Today...

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