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Assignment 3: Modeling Assigned: Monday, 21 March Due: Monday, April 4 11:59 pm Project Description In this project you will define a 3D model and controls for moving it, and then display and operate the model. The project skeleton contains the framework code for the UI as well as some functions for drawing primitives. You will specify your model in a separate source file that will be compiled and linked in with the existing code. Project Objectives You will use OpenGL to create and animate a character of your own design and become familiar with 3D hierarchical modeling and transformations. Getting Started To get you started, we have provided source code for a skeleton version of the program. The skeleton includes a workspace (.dsw) for Microsoft Developer Studio 6 (it does not compile in v7, you may need to use the computers in the Zoo. The skeleton source code is available under the section Materials on the class web page. The provided .dsw file will need to be adjusted for where you have fltk1.1.6. Hierarchical Model A hierarchical model is a way of grouping together shapes and attributes to form a complex object. Parts of the object are defined in relationship to each other as opposed to their position in some absolute coordinate system. Think of each object as a tree, with nodes decreasing in complexity as you move from root to leaf. Each node can be treated as a single object, so that when you modify a node you end up modifying all its children as a unit. Hierarchical modeling is a very common way to structure 3D scenes and objects, and is found in many other contexts. For an interactive example see Project Requirements First, you must come up with a character. This character can be composed solely of primitive shapes ( box , cylinder
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assign3 - Assignment 3 Modeling Page 1 of 2 Assignment 3...

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