StudyGuideforQuiz2 - Study Guide for Quiz 2 These are not...

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Study Guide for Quiz # 2 These are not necessarily questions that will be on the exam, and they are not comprehensive (i.e. you are responsible for material in lectures and reading even if it is not represented in these questions.) However, this is provided as a guide for things to think about and work through in preparing for the exam. Text Exercises: Chapter 12: 1-2 Chapter 13: 1-3 Chapter 23: 1-3 (too long for quiz, but good questions to think about) Why is it useful to convert everything into triangles before scan conversion? Why is it important for filling the z-buffer that planes remain planar after the perspective transformation? How does scan conversion take advantage of spatial coherence? What is the difference between flat and Gouraud shading? Suppose you have a flat, square surface divided into 24 triangles with a point surface located directly in front of the surface (about as far away as one edge of the square.) Will the square look any different if you flat shade it versus Gouraud shade it? Does it matter if it is diffuse or shiny? Would it matter if it were a directional light source instead of a point light source? In Phong shading normals are interpolated. How are normals computed at vertices for a triangle mesh? What is a “T-vertex”? Why might it cause a problem in shading? Why is a double buffer better than a single buffer display? Would you notice the difference if a third display buffer were used? What is the effect on an image if the shadow buffer resolution is too low?
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StudyGuideforQuiz2 - Study Guide for Quiz 2 These are not...

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