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1. Scientific names are always either underlined or italicized 2. A scientific name is composed of genus and species (specific epithet) 3. The insects as a group would be equivalent as a class 4. In a scientific name, which of the following begins with a lower case letter? Species (specific epithet) 5. The class to which ticks and mites belong? Arachnida 6. Which of the following characteristics do humans share with arthropods? Bilateral symmetry 7. The class of arthropods whose members are characterized by chelicerae
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Unformatted text preview: and pedipalps as mouthparts: Arachnida 8. Breathe by book lung: Arachnida 9. The class to which sowbugs or pillbugs belong? Crustacea 10. The arachnids that have only six legs as larvae are: mites and ticks 11. The state of chigger that is parasitic on vertebrates is the larva 12. Insects in the series Exopterygota have which type of metamorphosis? Hemimetabola 13. Insects in which the wings develop externally in the immature belong to the series exopterygota...
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