The Insects Readings 2 (Exam 3)

The Insects Readings 2 (Exam 3) - Dobsonflies What is the...

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Dobsonflies What is the common name of the dobsonfly larvae? Hellgrammites What is believed to be the feeding habits of adult dobsonflies? Adults are believed to not feed. What is believed to be the function of the large sickle shaped jaws of male dobsonflies? To grasp the female during mating. The larval stage of dobsonflies is though to last how long? 3 years in northern US, but probably 2 in Florida. Blister Beetles What is the basis for the name Blister Beetle? Leaves blisters on people's necks. Why should “Spanish Fly” not be used as an aphrodisiac? It is extremely toxic to vertebrates. Egg cases of what group of insect pests are eaten my larvae of some species of blister beetles? Grasshoppers Bess Beetles How many distinct sounds are bess beetles able to make? 14 What is the term for the process that bess beetles and many other insects use to make sound? Stridulation Which bess beetle sex is capable of making sound? Both In what way is the copulation of bess beetles unique among the beetles? They mate face to face (missionary) What is unique about the 3 rd pair of legs of larval bess beetles, and how are they used? The legs are reduced to a short peg. They scratch against a file that is on the 2 nd pair of legs to produce sound Fireflies To which order do fireflies belong? Coleoptera What is the substance in fireflies that is responsible for the production of light? Enzyme luciferase on the substrate luciferon. Mealworms
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What is the major defense mechanism of the mealworm pupae? “Gin traps” (tooth like extensions on the sides of the abdominal segments) that can snap together to trap a predator. For what purpose are mealworm larvae sold? Food for a variety of pets. Carpet Beetles Carpet beetles are able to digest animal hair and feathers because they can digest what normally indigestible protein? Keratin What do the adult black carpet beetles eat during the summer months? Pollen from flowers Junebugs Where do most junebugs hide during the daytime? Enter the soil. What are Junebug larvae called and on what do they feed?
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The Insects Readings 2 (Exam 3) - Dobsonflies What is the...

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