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1223979838101 - 8 Type ‘quit’ 9 Type ‘tar –xvf...

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Programming assignment #1 CprE 530 Due Thursday October 15 Do programming problem number 1 from chapter 5 in the book. NOTES: You will find the source code on www.dougj.net using anonymous ftp. It is in a file called pub/netdump.tar. To extract the data: Login to one of the machines listed below using your username. 1. Type ‘mkdir netdump’ 2. Type ‘cd netdump’ 3. Type ftp www.dougj.net 4. Type ‘anonymous’ for the username 5. Type anything for the password 6. Type ‘bin’ 7. Type ‘get pub/netdump.tar netdump.tar’
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Type ‘quit’ 9. Type ‘tar –xvf netdump.tar’ 10. Type ‘make’ this will create the executable called netdump To run the program type run_dump Use the machines spock.ee.iastate.edu, bones.ee.iastate.edu Turn in a printout of a sample trace Notes: For C and UNIX help see: http://www.dougj.net/modules/index.html Username will be provided. (It is your ISU email name, if you don’t have one, email me and I will tell you your username)...
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  • anonymous FTP, programming problem number, Type ftp www.dougj.net, Type ‘cd netdump, http://www.dougj.net/modules/index.html Username

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