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1171049015031 - For experiment 2 use nslookup to find the...

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CprE 530 Homework Assignment 1 Due: (September 15 th or one week after lecture 5) 1. Do lab experiments 1-6 in chapter 3. Turn in via WebCT. You can use you own computer or you can use the following computers: Spock.ee.iastate.edu Bones.ee.iastate.edu Scotty.ee.iastate.edu The login name is cpre530 and the password is cpre530
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Unformatted text preview: For experiment 2 use nslookup to find the IP addresses of the mail servers. This can be done by doing the following steps: $ nslookup > set type=MX Tell nslookup to look for Mail records > domain name lookup the mail server for the domain > ^d Exit nslookup...
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