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Unformatted text preview: Andrew Jackson era: politics now open to all the nation’s white male citizen (the era of the common men) Until 1820s, only land owners or taxpayers can vote Rhode island: Thomas Dorr rebellion: set up a new gov, the existing gov does not approve 2 powers fighting for power. Dorr rebellion imprisonment. Quickly failed but urged the old gov to improve better Dorr Rebellion -- activist and lawyer Thomas L. Dorr led a group of his followers and formed a “People’s Party” – held a convention, drafted a new constitution, submitted it to popular vote a) his constitution was rejected – the Dorrites began setting up a new government with a constitution with Dorr as governor and claimed legitimacy b) Dorrites made a brief, ineffectual effort to capture the state arsenal – failed – BUT helped pressure old guard to draft a new constitution South no slave can vote. No women can....
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