US History Exam[ - US History Government Turner Review Guide T1 exam Format The exam will consist of a combination of multiple-choice questions

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Review Guide, T1 exam Format The exam will consist of a combination of multiple-choice questions, identification and short-essay items, and a longer essay. Themes to review 1. Europe and the Americas before exploration and colonization. What defined societies in the two continents? Why did Europe explore/colonize when it did? Why were European nations able to conquer civilizations of the Americas? a. Americas BEFORE colonization: Natives: agriculture b. Europe BEFORE colonization: population, black deaths, expand territory, monarchs c. Able to conquer b/c advance techno 2. What motivations led to the formation of English colonies in North America? What patterns of society emerged? What were the similarities and differences among them? a. Similarities and Differences between the founding of the New England and Virginia colonies. b. Be familiar with the “important colonies” c. ** Jamestown and VA i. Economy boom and bust tendency unstable economy the south. ii. Experienced starving time in (Jamestown Indians trap inside, no make food) VA (and New England) iii. Jamestown founded for economic reasons like land expansion, tobacco iv. John Smith important because he was captain v. John Rolfe started use of tobacco in VA d. ** Plymouth(separatist)h and Massachusetts Bay (puritans) i. Massachusetts Bay John Winthrop played key role ii. Anne Hutchinson believed to be a witch -> go to providence iii. Puritans wanted religious toleration iv. John Winthrop early governor (lots of religious influence) e. **Rhode Island i. Came from Massachusetts bay ii. Founded as a haven for religious freedom iii. Open to any religion f. **Maryland i. Restoration colony ii. Catholic haven iii. Economy is much like VA, tobacco g. **South Carolina
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i. Rice economy ii. Develops as a slave society iii. Restoration colony headright sys iv. Dependant on staple (cash) crops h. Georgia (1730) Spanish and French i. Last of original 13 colonies to be completed ii. Slave labor plantation colony iii. Home of daughter of liberties i. **Pennsylvania i. Founded for Quakers William penn ii. Restoration colony iii. William Penn= important iv. Did not want a formal church 1. Get up and talk if moved by spirit 2. Want to have a “circle of friends” j. **New York i. Important because it mixed many ethnicities ii. Diverse society and economy iii. Was a Dutch state taken over by Europe 3. The development of racial slavery in the Chesapeake. Which came first: Slavery or racism? a. First Africans arrive in 1619 question if they were treated differently when they 1 st arrived b. Anthony Jackson begins as slave, then becomes free and takes legal actions story suggests there wasn’t a lot of racism early on c. 1660-1680 racism begins to become evident with slavery d. DeFacto exists in practice but not yet in law (exists not yet defined) e. Dejure legalized, in accordance with the law f. Bacon’s Rebellion Bacon wanted government to take active role in
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US History Exam[ - US History Government Turner Review Guide T1 exam Format The exam will consist of a combination of multiple-choice questions

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