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Fin 600 Corporate Finance Project 1. The professor will assign groups for this project. Most groups will have three or four students. Groups will be expected to work together, but the grade will be given for each project/company. 2. Every member of the class must pick a company. The company should be a publicly traded company and must have at least one year of trading history. The members of your group should pick companies that have something in common. For example retailers, airlines, auto companies, etc. You should avoid financial service companies like banks, insurance companies, investment banks and firms that have large financial service businesses like GE. 3. You will put together a report on each company, but your analysis must make comparisons with other companies in your group. You will conduct corporate governance and stockholder analysis, risk and return analysis, capital budgeting (asset) analysis, financing (liability) analysis, capital structure analysis, dividend/payout
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Unformatted text preview: analysis, and valuation analysis versus comparables. Then you will come up with recommendations for your companies. 4. Timeline as follows (suggested except for company choice): Groups formed by Sept 30th. Companies picked by Oct 7th and submitted to me by email by end of day. If approved professor will reply by email. Governance and Stockholder analysis by Oct 28th. Risk and Return analysis by Nov 4th. Capital Budgeting analysis by Nov 11th. Financing analysis by Nov 18th. Capital structure and dividend/payout analysis by Nov 25th. Valuation analysis by Dec 2nd. Recommendations to Board of Directors (as CFO) and also as Stock Analyst to Investors 5. Additional resources: There are many, but one I recommend is the website of NYU Professor Aswath Damodaran, who has many resources related to a similar project that he does at NYU....
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