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An Introduction to Engineering Systems My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what's really going on to be scared. P. J. Plauger, 2 Objectives ± How do you know if something is part of a system? ± We start with lust, but what do we end with? ± What is the key difference between systems thinking and other strategies such as the scientific method? ± Is systems engineering a set of tools, or is it something more? ± What is an engineering manager, and why do we even need one? 3 The Artisan and the Engineer ± Before a thing is made it exists as an idea in your mind. ² The artisan develops the idea directly using only their own skill, materials, and tools. ² The engineer works to develop an idea and communicates how it is to be built to others. 4 Engineering Systems System Engineering System Decision Making System Thinking Systems Thinking Concepts System Life Cycles System Modeling and Analysis Life Cycle Costing System Engineering Concepts System Engineering in Practice
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1._An_Introduction_to_Engineering_System - Objectives An...

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