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abstract for thiocyanate - several solutions of Fe(NO3)3 of...

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Jon Bickerstaff CHEM277 Thiocyanate in Saliva The human body is loaded with numerous biochemical compounds some of which can be altered by the foreign substances we introduce to our bodies. Thiocyanate, is a biochemical compound which is altered by the smoking of tobacco. The smoking of tobacco increases the amount of thiocyanate that is derived in the saliva of a person due to the fact that the increased cyanide in the tobacco smoke is metabolized in the liver into thiocyanate which then becomes present in the saliva. To report that this theory was indeed true, saliva was taken by individuals who smoked and those who didn’t smoke and tested for concentration of thiocyanate. First,
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Unformatted text preview: several solutions of Fe(NO3)3 of various concentrations, to which thiocyanate was added, were measuered by spectrophotometry in order to plot a standard curve. From the standard curve the molar absorbtion constant for the complex of Fe(SCN)2+. Saliva was then taken and centrifuged at a rate of 6000 rpm for 5 minutes. 500 microliters of saliva were then transferred to a 25 ml volumetric flask. Fe(NO3)3 was then added to form the red complex of Fe(SCN)2+. The complex’s absorbance was the measured from which the concentration present in the saliva could then be measured....
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