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1 of 4 Revised: Feb 2008 Weaver Bossier Parish Community College Syllabus Course Prefix and Number: CIS 227 Credit Hours: 3 Course Title: Computer System Analysis and Design Course Prerequisites: CIS 115 and/ OR CIS209 Textbook: System Analysis and Design. 7th edition , Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Harry J. Rosenblatt ISBN 13: 978-1-4239-1222-4 © 2008 ISBN 10: 1-4239- 1222-5 Publish date: February 26, 2007. Course Description: Analysis and design in a business information context with emphasis on tools for analysis, planning, decision making, and system design. Practical applications in design and development of systems using “real world” case studies. Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course the student will A. learn about the development of information systems; systems analysis and design concepts; the systems development life cycle; various systems development methods, tools, and techniques; and the role of the information technology department and the people who work there. B. describe the systems planning, systems analysis, systems design, and implementation phase phases of the SDLC. C. explain how systems must be maintained by describing systems operation, support, and security tasks. To achieve the learning outcomes, the student will (The letter designations at the end of each statement refer to the learning outcome(s).) 1. Discuss the impact of information technology on business strategy and success (A); 2. Define an information system and describe its components (A); 3. Use profiles and models to understand business functions and operations (A); 4. Explain how the Internet has affected business strategies and relationships (A); 5. Identify various types of information systems and explain who uses them (A); 6. Explain systems development tools, including modeling, prototyping, and CASE tools (A); 7. Distinguish between structured analysis and object-oriented methodology (A); 8. Compare the systems development life cycle waterfall model to adaptive models (A); 9. Discuss the role of the information technology department and the systems analysts who work there (A); 10. Explain the concept of a business case and how a business case affects an IT project (B); 11. Describe the strategic planning process and why it is important to the IT team (B); 12. Explain the purpose of a mission statement (B);
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2 of 4 Revised: Feb 2008 Weaver 13. Describe the SDLC, and explain how it serves as a framework for systems development and business modeling (B); 14. Describe risks and risk management features (B); 15. List the reasons for information systems projects and the factors that affect such projects (B);
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cis227 - Bossier Parish Community College Syllabus Course...

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