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Projects ( Sample Answers ) 1. Draw a context diagram and a diagram 0 DFD that represents the registration system at your school or an imaginary school. The DFDs were created with Visible Analyst CASE tool. The context diagram is very basic and does not include other entities that might be added, including Instructor, Registrar, and Classroom. The context diagram follows: The diagram 0 DFD follows. Notice the COURSE REGISTRATION data store, which appeared as an associative entity in the ERD. Typically, a DFD would handle this as a data store rather than an external entity. The distinction should be noted and explained, but the net result is the same. The DFD is visualizing the system in terms of its processes and how they act upon the data; the ERD sees the system as an integrated set of relationships among system entities. For a full understanding, it is important for students to understand both approaches.
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Chapter-4-HWK-Solutions - Chapter 4 Homework...

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