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CSE1IS Tutorial Assignment Page 1 of 1 TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT 2 R UNNING C ASE S TUDY : S OFT W EAR , L IMITED (SWL) Due Date: Tutorial 3 Week 4 1. You have been assigned to write a formal mission statement for SWL. Start by reviewing SWL’s background in Tutorial 1, then do Internet research to find mission statements that seem clear, focused, and easy to understand. Pay special attention to Web-based and catalog retail firms to see how they approach the issue. 2. Review the preliminary investigation report to see whether all four feasibility tests were
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Unformatted text preview: discussed in the report. Write a brief summary of your findings. 3. Rick asked you to investigate other firms that offer payroll processing services. Perform an Internet search using the term “payroll processing services.” Try your search both with and without placing quotes around the phrase and notice what happens. Based on your search results, select an example of a payroll processing firm and write a brief report to Rick. Include the name of the firm’s name, Web address, and services offered....
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