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CSE1IS Tutorial Assignment Page 1 of 1 TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT 3 R UNNING C ASE S TUDY : S OFT W EAR , L IMITED (SWL) Suppose that you are working with Rick and Carla when a new systems request comes in. SWL’s vice president of marketing, Amy Neal, wants to change the catalog mailing program and provide a reward for customers who use the Internet. Amy’s plan specifies that customers will remain on SWL’s mailing list if they either requested a catalog, ordered from SWL in the last two years, or signed the guest register on SWL’s new Web site. To encourage Internet visitors, customers who register on the Web site
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Unformatted text preview: also will receive a special discount certificate. To document the requirements, Rick wants you to design a decision table. Initially, it appears to have eight rules, but you notice that some of those rules are duplicates, or might not be realistic combinations. 1. Design the decision table with all possibilities. 2. Simplify the table by combining rules where appropriate. 3. Draw a decision tree that reflects Amy Neal’s policy. 4. Create a set of structured English statements that accurately describes the policy....
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