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CSE1IS Tutorial Assignment Page 1 of 1 TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT 4 R UNNING C ASE S TUDY : S OFT W EAR , L IMITED (SWL) The case study will be provided during the tutorial. 1. At SWL, each employee is assigned to a specific department. Employees from several departments often are assigned to special project teams, however, when a new product is launched or for major marketing events. Carla wants to develop a project management system to track the projects, employees assigned, and accumulated project hours. She believes that employees and projects are in a M:N relationship. She showed you an initial
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Unformatted text preview: design where all data is stored in a single table: PROJECT DATA (PROJECT-NUMBER , PROJECT-NAME, START-DATE, PROJECT-STATUS, (EMPLOYEE-NUMBER , EMPLOYEE-NAME, JOB-TITLE, DEPT-NUMBER, DEPT-NAME, PROJECT-HOURS)) How would you describe Carla’s design? 2. Carla wants you to create an ERD, including cardinality, for the project management system. She says that you probably will need to add an associative entity....
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