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CSE1IS Tutorial Assignment Page 1 of 1 TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT 5 R UNNING C ASE S TUDY : S OFT W EAR , L IMITED (SWL) The case study will be provided during the tutorial. 1. Review the mock-up report shown in the case study. When Carla showed this report to Mike Feiner, director of human resources, he said that he wanted to see the data grouped by the type of ESIP deduction with the appropriate subtotals. Carla wants you to modify the report design to satisfy his request. You can use Microsoft Access, a report generator, or simply construct a sample layout using any Word processing or drawing program. Be sure to show the placement and grouping of all fields. 2. Carla Moore also wants employees to have an online information request form that they can use to learn more about ESIP options and request up-to-date balances for their ESIP
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Unformatted text preview: accounts. Follow the guidelines and suggestions in the lecture, and design an online screen form for Carla. 3. In addition to being available online, Carla wants the information request form to be available as a paper source document, which can be used by employees who do not have easy access to the online form. Follow the guidelines and suggestions in the lecture, and design a paper source document for Carla. 4. Carla wants an update on usability, how users read on the Web. Review the material in this lecture and any others that provide more information on this topic. Summarize the results of your research in a memo to Carla....
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