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LaTrobe University Faculty of Law and Management School of Management MGT1FOM: Foundations of Management Tutorial Review Questions: Answer Guide Topic 1: Introduction 5. What similarities do you see among the four management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling? Do you think these functions are related – that is, is a manager who performs well in one function likely to perform well in the others? This question is designed to get students to think carefully about the primary functions of management. Students might mention the relationship between planning and controlling. Planning is used to set the goals and targets on which controlling is based. The monitoring and corrective activities associated with control then provide feedback for future planning. Moreover, leading is related to both planning and control. Planning defines the direction toward which leadership is used to influence and motivate employees. Leading is also used in the corrective action stage of control. Organising is related to planning because it is a technique for implementing plans. Organising assigns the responsibility to achieve the plan. Organising also establishes the organisational framework within which leading and control take place. Organising defines specific leadership roles, for example, so that leaders have the authority and responsibility to accomplish certain outcomes. Likewise, organising provides the area of responsibility for management control. To a large extent, the manager who performs only one function well will be at least adequate in the other functions because the four functions overlap. For the most part, managers should be able to perform each function adequately. However, managers who excel in one area may not excel in the others. The excellent leader who can inspire subordinates may not be particularly good at the monitoring activities associated with control. Similarly, a leader who is very detail conscious and concerned with control may
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be less effective as a leader. One might argue that organising and controlling activities would be found together in a manager’s repertoire. Moreover, planning and leading may go together because the visionary leader sees and articulates goals for the future and can motivate people to attain them 6. You are a bright, hard-working entry-level manager who fully intends to rise up through the ranks. Your performance evaluation gives you high marks for your technical skills but low marks when it comes to people skills. Do you think people skills can be learned, or do you need to rethink your career path? If people skills can be learned, how would you go about it? Students could argue that these skills are fundamental to human-kind and can be
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MGT1FOM_ReviewQus_Week1 - LaTrobe University Faculty of Law...

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