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LaTrobe University Faculty of Law and Management School of Management MGT1FOM: Foundations of Management Tutorial Review Questions: Answer Guide Topic 5: Ethics and Social Responsibility 3. Compare and contrast the utilitarian approach with the moral rights approach to ethical decision making. Which do you believe is the best for managers to follow? Why? The utilitarian approach holds that moral behaviours produce the greatest good for the greatest number. The moral rights approach asserts that human beings have fundamental rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by an individual’s decision. Decisions using the utilitarian approach consider the effect of each alternative on all parties and choose the one that optimises satisfaction for the greatest number of people. The moral rights approach says that the best decision is the one that best maintains the rights of the people affected by it. Students will have varied opinions on which approach a manager should follow. A case could be made for either approach, although the moral rights approach probably provides the best legal protection for the manager. 4. Imagine yourself in a situation of being encouraged to inflate your expense account. Do you think your choice would be most affected by your individual moral development or by the cultural values of the organisation for which you worked? Explain. Some would argue that they would be most affected by their individual moral
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MGT1FOM_ReviewQus_Week5 - LaTrobe University Faculty of Law...

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