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LaTrobe University Faculty of Law and Management School of Management MGT1FOM: Foundations of Management Tutorial Review Questions: Answer Guide Topic 9: Theories of Motivation 1. Low-paid service workers are a motivational problem for many organisations. Consider the ill-trained and poorly motivated X-ray machine operators trying to detect weapons in airports. How might these people be motivated to reduce boredom and increase their vigilance? One of the toughest motivational challenges faced by managers is how to motivate unskilled workers undertaking repetitive jobs for low pay. Offering more pay is usually not a realistic option. In fact, Herzberg would argue that extrinsic factors such as pay (‘hygiene factors’) are not necessarily the key issue anyway. Intrinsic factors that influence job satisfaction (‘motivators’), such as achievement, recognition, responsibility and opportunity for growth, may also play a part. One way to enhance motivation would be to introduce an employee recognition program, such as an ‘employee of the month’ award plus an annual employee performance award ceremony. Perhaps changing their job titles from X-ray machine operators to Security Patrol Officers would be helpful (status). Give the employees decision making authority (responsibility) to take action when potentially hazardous items are detected (ensuring they are properly trained first). Make them responsible for themselves. Positive reinforcement such as sincere ‘pats on the back’ by management and others would also contribute to motivation in this situation.
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MGT1FOM_ReviewQus_Week10 - LaTrobe University Faculty of...

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