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LaTrobe University Faculty of Law and Management School of Management MGT1FOM: Foundations of Management Tutorial Review Questions: Answer Guide Topic 10: Theories of Leadership 2. Suggest some personal traits that you believe would be useful to a leader. Are these traits more valuable in some situations than in others? There is no single correct answer. The point of the question is to help you relate leader traits to specific situations. For example, you may consider effective communication or good relationship skills as being valuable traits for a leader. But, upon reflection, you may conclude that these traits may not be as useful with difficult, immature employees who do not wish to cooperate. 3. What is the difference between trait theories and behavioural theories of leadership? Traits are the distinguishing personal characteristics of a leader, such as values, personality characteristics or intelligence. Traits are considered a rather permanent feature of the individual. Trait theories of leadership are essentially proposing a relationship between certain personal traits and leadership success. To date, however,
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MGT1FOM_ReviewQus_Week100 - LaTrobe University Faculty of...

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