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La Trobe University School of Management MGT1FOM Foundations of Management Week 9 Tutorial 8 Important points from this tutorial 1. I will need to demonstrate that I can accurately define/describe the following ideas covered from Week 8 lecture: a. Organisational Structure b. Work specialisation (division of labour) c. Chain of command d. Authority e. Span of Management f. Formalisation g. Centralisation h. Departmentalisation i. Functional Structure
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Unformatted text preview: j. Divisional structure k. Horizontal Matrix Structure l. Team-based Structure m. Network Structure n. Formal Team o. Self-directed team p. Characteristics of effective teams q. Stages of Team Development r. Team cohesiveness s. Team norms (norms of behaviour) 2. Today, we have addressed and developed the following generic skills: a. Comprehension skills b. Critical thinking skills...
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