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Assignment_2Key(Sept13&14) - Kw CHEMESTRY 1607 Name...

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Unformatted text preview: Kw CHEMESTRY 1607 ' Name: Homework Assignment #2 Due: Monday, September 14 Show work for full credit 1. Potassium perchlorate (KClO4) is commonly used to produce “sparks" in fireworks and sparklers. Potassium perchlorate is synthesized through a series of 3 consecutive reactions. 1. First diatomic chlorine (C13) and potassium hydroxide (KOH) react to form potassium chloride (KCI), potassium hypochlorite (KClO) and water (H28). 2. Then, potassium hypochorite (KClO) decomposes to form potassium chloride (KCl) and potassium chlorate (KClO3) 3. Finally. potassium chiorate {KClO3) decomposes to give potassium perchlorate {14004) and potassium chloride (KCl) (21) (3 pts) Write and balance the three chemical equations described above. (I) C‘; +21<oH ~—~> Kc; + KCIO + HA) [2) BKCIO ———7 2K0 + Kclo? (2-) “K003 q sump + KCI (b) (5 pts) Consider the reaction in step #1 Vshen 50 4 g C13 is combined with 69 9 g KOH. If the percent V ield of potassium hypochlorite (KCIO) was 78% how many grams of potassi am h5p0ch1orite were obtained? ,‘ m ,1,le mg (,VlT FirSl" QWJ [‘ .. We WM ) o 7 or ct Koo , a at film L I W " 3) L)‘ A?) l K 70‘ 9051(3) Iva/L7, Cl}, ,. 6' ’, ’40“ lb’kul-L KC’ll‘i“:X Iii/Huh“; [\(lU a: ((4/2 (29}sz ji/ucc {<( l L a Ma) C "/3 ,.S£,.1usm7j l“ Lei i \( M iii 1/“ \VMW flu: 47%;th J . viiilln. LIL;- 1— [i /) :51,qu (c) (6 pts) Potassium perchlorate (K0104) will react with fuels such as glucose (Cal-11206) according to the unbalanced equation below. if 25.6 g of potassium perchlorate is combined with 45.2 g of glucose. how many grants of excess reactant will be present after the completion of the reaction? (Remember to balance the equation first.) 3 Keio.1 + C6H1306 a Cngo + {co2 + 3K0 251,5 KclqI (lflq)(iw§.coihpaa](lf6dffi W -; H. 0%; Q'HMOC Whit-Haj 3m)“. «cloul lmlccc “up“ I? ' [maSJ ‘Hmfj Matty gram! 0% H 0 K- OTQ’INI QH-‘LOO Wu.” mi— Vfil“ (19.13 C6 ”J (r 2.9.63 KClOW (d) (5 pts) One scientific study (Environ. Sci Technol. 207, 41, 3966—3971) showed an extreme case where the perchlorate (_ C104") concentration in lake water increased from 0.043 pig/L before a fireworks display to 44.2 pig/L after the display. If an animal drinks 50.0 mL of the 44.2 rig/L perchlorate lake water. how many ions of perchlorate is the animal ingesting? . p __ — 1 50 O L iL/ Lil-(+103 00;" [fl iWiLCiOq )(QDQQJQO ,onj I m (iOOOmLB L. mot/<43 . ’—‘ ...
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Assignment_2Key(Sept13&amp;14) - Kw CHEMESTRY 1607 Name...

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