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chem1007%20Homework9 - CHEMISTRY 1007 Name{4:l Homework...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEMISTRY 1007 Name: {4% :l Homework Assignment #9 Due: Monday, November 9 1. (a) (5 pts) Draw the molecular orbital diagram for the valence electrons of Cl—Br. Show atomic orbitals (A05) on the sides and molecular orbitals (MO) in the center of your drawing. Label the A05 to make it clear which atom they represent. Label the M03 in terms of o, rt, bonding and antibonding. You may assume that s-p mixin does not occur. The ionization ener_ies for the atomic orbitals are _iven below. O” ‘\ r P K [k () _ir ,__—— lZYeV Xx); T9.“ 7“ r,’ I am 13.7w “mar. /’ 3 r P \‘e- ']\/ “_V r ’I'I'P 1W x in; / 0]?) 4V ””1? ~ ~/ #— WW 9 as q / 233a! ———- — t-h_v_ ,/ 35 o; (b) (5 pts) Sketch the photoelectron spectrum for the valence electrons of Cl—Br with counts on the y—axis and ionization energy (in eV) on the x-axis. Simply show the relative energies for the peaks representing the valence electrons and label them with the MO from where they originate. Show on the x—axis where 24.0 eV and 13.0 eV are located in relation to the peaks. «3; «p COL/"WKS \ a: i301 lchv loan—dim“ ENVEY (LV\ ...
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