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Unformatted text preview: Name: TA Name Lab Section (Day, am/pm) g“ Homework #2: Must be turned in by inserting into the proper box outside of Baker 131 before 2 pm on Tuesday September 22, 2009. Show all work on this page or on the back side if necessary. Carefully and neatly show the progression of the logic, formulas and math that you use. 0.5000 g of oxalic acid (H2C204) is dissolved in about 250 m1 of 0.5M H2804. A solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is dark purple. When that solution is slowly added to oxalic acid the purple color disappears, because the products given below are essentially colorless. H2C204 (aq) + MnO4' (aq) 9 C02 (g) + Mn+2 (aq) a. Balance the above redox equation (then go to part b on the next page) Half recto—Emits '. ® H2139; w No: ##4## “3’ ml 0 ~64 CF) 55““ Baflwce lieu @ [JLCLOLf * H 0H+EH+ ~—-"'7 MAP], 1'" Edna“ 01% Cr) M“ cf {LZCLOQ _ +1 8H 0 Ewart e- 7, r ZMmmcffi-tléHflfi—{Og -—‘r 21:“ I; ‘L I e gQr; g’filgoq 2—, /0C,O;r{OH bad—WW” "‘"""“/_f/TW‘ “W” . +1 H 0 CLAA 5 H (10¢, -t 2J1“th +(oH+«>r {060 +ZHn +8 & C? 1.5 ,1 b. When adding just one drop beyond 43.47 1111 of the permanganate solution to the oxalate solution, the solution turns light purple. What is the concentration of the permanganate solution? MAI: romeo; out]: $450003 L 0“._'_5:’?"“fl = S’qu'mo-fimrél MwUtLCLoq) 620.02. 31% i’rw hideout“! fifimflmi Mew? 2/3” ifWW’bJ {Hnog '3 I it Huge» = S'S'SQLKIO'gmvéq : Z-ZZZ‘UO M5. kt. ‘ - M 0" die-fl as; We 7 M a V 43‘Q7NO 3 L "'3 H Cour, M’iQ‘. ...
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