Chem2070-WrittenHW1Key - Name TA Name Lab Section(Day...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: TA Name Lab Section (Day, arm/pm) ___‘ Homework #1: Must be turned in by inserting into the proper box outside of Baker 131 before 2 pm on Tuesday September 15, 2009. Show all work on this page or on the back side if necessary. Carefully and neatly show the progression of the logic, formulas and math that you use. Cocaine is a highly addictive molecular substance produced in cocoa leaves. It is one member of a large family of compounds called alkaloids. It contains C, H, O and N. Combustion analysis of a 4.000 g sample in excess oxygen produced 9.860 g of C02, 2.521 g OfHQO and 0.183 g ong. What is the empirical formula of cocaine? (second question on next page) W James WWW Magoo a “W we”; 9’34""- : azaWWeu 2 MUUCCOz) 44.0wjfwa Moeu Mo = 22’:— —.- oazqqm- Mia”; = Mi?— caoacsswm 3 {Sci raj-{W J 23. DIEIWCL New digit-M. wwiCflfiU a:ng ~WObgdk$mML MWC c MKMWCOL :: W $9.35? 5 916er 7’6. “‘wa 44.01 f;le WW AL: Ril-OoBiimvieK 2.52.3 : o.zzz{J-H) MAMA/2 conga? {X-orejM‘ - '. WK 0 a 4.190% VMWJ— ozmj may} -: 0.74431? 70. New; {neng CIHIH’O [:w‘ A : ea: ‘(3 i ‘ J _— worg fimfirc z: tiff-M0215 (‘92 2’ 0:29": $11,444 thymine!th Zkfl‘meui'izzo: a. 7er WJ" N a: I“ elf“ -= ngkl’g’fwz 6. o _ _ €25 vac—€1.10. fimfiJOS—ML " a o When cocaine is reacted with HCl, it becomes highly soluble in water. 1 Cocaine + 1 HO] (aq) 9 Cocaine-HCI (aq) (reacts in a 1:1 molar ratio) It is observed that 2.000 g of cocaine only becomes completely soluble in water when reacted with 6.6 ml of 1.000 M HCl. What is the molecular formula of cocaine? CD Mic-uny :- ma; am i/w Mme, mama Mliga ; a“ v -.-. mow Mu x é.6xzo"3;_ = é‘6K(0"3 h 1.. 270% Man; Ea/éhwhfiwa. Mal/(M MM :5 ML “diff thcdw ) be/omi‘LaM A730 gawk winw W Mr:thth Emflirifiafi 2—: (7X123‘i2i7‘iji- iLfi-l-Lnklléi :- 303g __-—v 3%» @Mm Mwécocm'iq): m 57.0003 -.. étéx/Oflamp‘él = 3.03 mfg/W ' 4%,; M0&ab(dr—gmtp€0_ :: Mk. r, e ...
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This note was uploaded on 11/22/2009 for the course CHEM 2070 at Cornell.

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Chem2070-WrittenHW1Key - Name TA Name Lab Section(Day...

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