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PAf 315 Debrief - Jonathan Yeung PAF 315 Debriefing Paper...

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Unformatted text preview: Jonathan Yeung PAF 315 Debriefing Paper Professor Coplin/TA Shannon McCool 18 th November, 2009 HEURISTICS FOR DOING IT BETTER THE NEXT TIME. I have chosen 3 of 37 principles were discussed in the debriefing session of last week’s class, that would have helped me do the project better should have followed them. They are: 1. Learn to live with difficult clients; 2. Be persistent in requesting info from client; 3. Hand in as many drafts as possible. 1. Learn to live with difficult clients: Before initiating the Community Link Project, I met my client bi-weekly for the first 6 weeks to confirm our work progress, future agenda, and the next meeting dates and times. While I thought we were on the same agenda, my client began to do some things without notifying me. For example, when we were supposed to design the survey together, he requested that I prepare over 30 survey questions, but then he gave out his designed survey without prior notification. I had spent over 3 hours on designing an unused survey sample. I was especially upset when my client kept cancelling our scheduled meetings without early notification because I was not only working for him, but also for the Department for Community Development as an intern. His unilateral sudden changes of our meeting times brought me a lot of trouble in fulfilling my responsibilities as an intern of these two institutions. Moreover, it seemed that he never remembered the emails that I sent to him. For instance, I requested a meeting with him on 16 October two weeks ahead of time. When I asked him again on 15 October, he thought I was very ill-organized; he even forwarded our email conversation to Professor Coplin. As a result of this exchange, I understood the root of our communication problem – both of us were fully engaged in our own schedule and we often forgot what we were supposed to do. To solve this problem, I first emailed Professor Coplin with all the email-dialogue records to be forwarded since he would be the final grader, anyway. I understood that such a misunderstanding would need a mediator to resolve, thus I also asked Professor Coplin to clarify the misunderstanding with my client. Since typing minutes and making a reminder 24-hours prior to any events’ deadline would not sufficient for my client to remember, I also had to make phone call reminders 72 hours in advance. call reminders 72 hours in advance....
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PAf 315 Debrief - Jonathan Yeung PAF 315 Debriefing Paper...

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